How to Fix Beauty Treatment Fails? Useful Tips&Tricks


Just imagine… you go to a beauty salon hoping for a beautiful and smooth skin. You look in the mirror after the treatment and… see ugly makeup, wrongly shaped eyebrows, poorly done exfoliation. What’s your reaction? If you don’t feel like making a complaint, fix the beautician’s mistakes by yourself at home!


If henna on your lashes or brows is too dark or wrongly applied, no worries. There is an easy way for repairing the cosmetic mishap. Squeeze out some lemon juice on a cotton pad and wipe the brows. A shave cream will give similar effects (if your boyfriend lends you one). If both solutions fail, you can try out makeup remover. Just keep rubbing brows with a pad soaked in the remover until they are brighter. Mind the solution is time-consuming.


Has the hairdresser burnt your hair? Repair it as fast as possible. Use deeply moisturising and regenerating masks or conditioners. You can also make use of oils rich in fatty acids. Your ‘emergency’ cosmetics should contain vitamins, micro-nutrients, amino acids and peptides. You should do the treatments with such products at least twice a week. The condition of your hairdo will improve after just two weeks.


Never rip off hybrid nails that start falling off. In this way, you would damage nail plate and lead to irritations. Remove hybrid with acetone nail polish remover. When the hybrid gets soft, gently lift it with a wooden stick. Next, rub a moisturising cream to hands, nails and cuticles.


If your new false lashes look bad after a few days, feel free to take them off. Apply an oil or thick cream – it will dissolve the glue. False lashes will fall out after a while. Just be careful not to let the cream inside your eyes as it can trigger irritations.

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