How to correctly apply highlighter to eyes’ area?

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The highlighter is my favourite cosmetic. I use pressed liquid and stick highlighters. Thanks to it, you can create stunning make-up. That’s why today I’d like to present you with a simple method of applying highlighter to eyes area.

Highlighter — why should you use it and which shade to choose?

Highlighter for eyes has light consistency and is definitely lighter than foundation. It contains shimmering particles that reflect light and make chosen areas of face optically bigger at the same time. Highlighter should be accompanied by the foundation that is a tone darker. If you experience dark circles under eyes, use a highlighter with pink undertone. Brown circles can be concealed by cosmetic in beige colour with some yellow and gold pigments. In order to maintain fresh look, best is pink shade highlighter.

How to apply a highlighter?

No matter its texture, the highlighter is applied always to the same areas. To optically makes eyes bigger, use cosmetic in the inner eye corner, on the upper eyelid and right below brow-ridge. Highlighter may be used also on the lower eyelid, though here many women commit very serious mistake. They apply it right below the eye while the product should be administered in the area where you can feel eye socket bone. You can apply highlighter with fingers or applicator. Some cosmetics go with a brush or a sponge, that is why its use is so simple. Remember that highlighter should be thoroughly blended with foundation and then fixed with a powder.

How to use a highlighter to make your eyes pop?

If you have small eyes and hooded eyelids, the highlighter is your go-to cosmetic for every make-up. You just need to apply it in the inner eye corners and/or under the tip of the brow-ridge. Remember to always blend highlighter with other cosmetics. You do not even have to fix it; it will last a whole day long.

What are your methods for highlighter use?

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