How to achieve healthy skin? Start from the inside! A few reliable methods to regenerate and condition skin


You spread balm all over it, wipe it off with a toner and apply colour cosmetics for various occasions. Yes, it’s about your skin. Usually, you take care of it from the outside but it’s advised to do it from the inside, too. How to do it? Go on reading my text and you will learn the best methods of simple home skin care procedures. Let’s start!

Water, give me water!

When your organism is exhausted and your skin is dry, drink water immediately. Daily, 1,5 litre of water should suffice. However, make sure that the water you drink is still, filtered and with a high mineral content. How will this help you? Water deals with moisturising your body, reduces visibility of wrinkles, adds you energy, prevents skin itchiness and combats under eye puffiness. If you want to make it easier for you to drink bigger amounts of water than usually, pour it into a few glasses and set them out around the house.

Sweet care

Here, you can make use of honey. Not only can you add it to either a mask or scrub but also it’s just delicious. Try to choose the type of honey that you like most: rape honey, lime-tree honey, polyfloral honey, acacia honey or any other. In general, honey contains vitamins, micro elements, anti-oxidants and many other nourishing substances. Moreover, it displays anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and cleansing features. You can add honey to tea or yoghurt, spread over a slice of bread or eat a spoon of it after dinner.


Cabbage, beetroots, plumps, apples and pears, that is everything which can be pickled. They house multitude of vitamins, condition skin, hair and nails, display strengthening, regenerating and rebuilding features, take care of bowels and boost the immunity system of an organism. Another source of probiotics are kefir, yoghurt and butter milk. The very dairy products feature bacteria that regulate the action of bowel.

Food supplements

Naturally, you can enrich your diet with food supplements. Pills, drinks and other similar products might supply your body with many essential vitamins and minerals. You can choose the food supplements by either aiming at a problem that your entire body is facing or just some part of it – hair, skin, nails. Do your best to make use of food supplements systematically. Otherwise, it will be hardly possible for you to achieve the looked-for effects.

Pleasant bath

Warm water combined with essential oils works wonders for skin. Additionally, this type of treatment helps to relax muscles and calm you down. However, make sure that you set the right water temperature. If you want to wash your hair, protect your face against the detergents from the shampoo. Once the bathing time is over, dry your face using a towel designed for this body part.

What are your skin care procedures?

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