How do I care for my lips? Three best ways to get the super-smooth lips!

In the wintertime my dry, chapped lips suffer the most. Their condition is surely the worst in this chilly season of the year. Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to repair the skin and get the desired super-smooth lips. Keep reading! 🙂

Looking at feedback from you, I know that chapped, dry lips are very common. Before revealing my treatments for lovely lips, let me tell you briefly why the condition of the skin on the lips gets worse. The consequences such as irritation and tricky lip make-up are obvious, I guess.

Why are lips dry?

The skin on the lips is very thin – it’s like paper that can be broken easily. It doesn’t have the fat tissue and is deprived of sebaceous glands. In other words, there isn’t any shield that would protect the lips from the harmful effect of outside factors.

That is why wrong lip care is the most common cause of dry lips. If you focus only on make-up and forget about protecting and nourishing the skin on the lips, you can’t expect them to look plump, smooth and kissable. Here are the dry-lips triggers worth mentioning:

  • licking the lips.
  • deficiency of vitamin A and iron.
  • hormonal imbalance.
  • overuse of mattifying lipsticks.
  • poor-quality, dehydrating make-up products.
  • lack of protection and correct lip care.

How to keep the lips healthy and smooth?

There are plenty of ways to cure very dry lips but you should never use just one method. Only the combination of different methods brings the best effects because the delicate lip skin needs protection as well as hydration and nourishment from within.

What does this mean in practice? If you hear that a hydrating balm remedies dry and chapped lips but the healthy diet and drinking a lot of water matter as well, then you shouldn’t choose one of the two things. The best results can be achieved by following both tips as well as using the best home treatments for super-smooth lips.

What treatments do I mean exactly? See my tried and trusted remedies for chapped lips – just three things that are more than enough!

DIY: smooth lips enhancers

1. Honey & Sugar Lip Scrub

A lip-care essential that you must know by now – a homemade scrub. I love it. Not just because it’s super-sweet! This is the best remedy for chapped lips. The regular use of this simple sugar scrub:

  • exfoliates dry skin cells.
  • smoothens the lips.
  • sparks the repair process.
  • makes the lips plumper.
  • hydrates the skin.

How to make this sweet sugar lip scrub? You just need to mix a teaspoon of sugar with the same amount of honey, apply the scrub to the lips and massage the skin for 2 minutes to stun with smooth, plump, envious lips.

2. DIY Lip Balm

Since I found out about homemade lip balms I no longer buy ready-made products. The procedure is very simple: I mix beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil using the proportions for a butter-like, easy-to-use balm. I put this natural mixture into a tiny jar and put it in the bag so it’s close when my lips start feeling dry.

This nourishing-protective DIY lip balm delivers essential nutrients and hydrates the skin, as well as leaves the lips smoother and protects them from the loss of hydration. All for the super-smooth, plump lips.

3. Toothbrush Lip Massage

From time to time, I do something that might seem weird for some of you – lip massage using a clean, dry toothbrush. To me it’s similar to the famous dry body brushing. Massaging the lips with a toothbrush aids the exfoliation of dead skin cells and smoothens the lips, as well as stimulates the repair process.

What are your ways to get super-smooth lips?
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