Home body wrapping. Skin care step by step

Hi girls!

Sumer is coming therefore I feel obliged to write a post concerning body shaping. Today, you’re going to read about home body wrapping. I bet you’re well-acquainted with this procedure, at least from beauty parlours. Fortunately, you can undergo the similar treatment without leaving your home. Just collect the appropriate cosmetics and items. You’ll need:

  • a regular food foil,
  • peeling and a body wrapping cosmetic (more below),
  • a moisturising balm,
  • warm clothing.

Why to perform body wrapping?

Body wrapping is a body shaping treatment. So, if you’re fighting with cellulite, stretch marks, a few additional pounds of fat, or uneven skin tone, then by following my pieces of advice, you’ll regain your beautiful look. Start the treatment from cleansing your skin with a regular washing gel. Thanks to this, you’ll remove sweat, dust, sebum and make your skin pores open. Next, perform precise peeling. Use a ready-made product bought in a drug store or prepare your own one (for example, mix sugar or coffee grounds with yoghurt, honey and lemon juice). To intensify the effect, use a sponge, a brush or a special shower glove to help the peeling remove dead epidermis cells from your body. Once you finish the procedure, rinse your body skin precisely and dry it.

Time for body wrapping!

Cellulite, stretch marks and other skin imperfections mostly affect tights, buttocks, abdominal area and breast. Naturally, on these very areas you have to apply a body wrapping cosmetic. I used Lirene serum with almond acid of 5% concentration. According to the producer, the cosmetic smooths, exfoliates and counteracts cellulite. Moreover, the product has beautiful aroma, creamy consistency and white colour. Obviously, you can choose another product for body wrapping. Just choose a product that contains the substances of body shaping action. These are algae, caffeine, fruit acids and even cooling substances. What should we do as the next step? We wrap ourselves with foil! I have to admit, this was rather difficult for me. However, once you wrap yourself, proceed with putting on warm clothing (track suit) and jump into a blanket. Basically, 20 minutes is enough to make your skin smoother and prettier. Of course, just one treatment isn’t enough to remove cellulite and stretch marks. Repeat the treatment every week for more or less a month.

Results? I’m still waiting for them to come…

I’m already after a few sessions of home body wrapping. Indeed, my skin has become hydrated, a little bit more smoothed and firm. Part of the discolorations that used to be on my tights vanished completely and the others have become highlighted. Unfortunately, cellulite is still visible, especially when I squeeze the skin on my legs. I hope I’ll get better results once I use the whole Lirene serum.

And what about you, girls? Have you ever performed home body wrapping?

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