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Sooner or later grey hair will appear on the heads of all of us. And grey hair requires being given special care. If your head has been a little bit lighter recently, then it’s high time to learn new techniques of maintaining its condition. Find out which cosmetic will be the best for you and how to apply a dye to cover up grey hair.

How does grey hair appear?

Hair greying begins together with passing time. The work of steam cells gets worse and the amount of pigment responsible for hair colour is getting reduced. The process of hair greying is also influenced by genetic predispositions and the origins – it’s said that European people ages faster. UV radiation, shortages of vitamins and microelements often combined with cigarette smoking reduce production of melanin in follicles. Moreover, hair goes white also due to emotions, including stress. In short, tension appears and destroys melanocytes. This in turn translates into insufficient amount of melanin.

How to take care of grey hair?

First thing to realize is that grey hair is rather stiff and damage-prone. Therefore, such hair has to be washed with delicate cosmetics as well as being treated with conditioners and water-replenishing products. Moreover, beauty supplies used to treat grey hair with should deliver shine and promote bounciness. It’s also important to use cosmetics that prevent hair from getting yellowish. At the same time, it’s worth realising that such products must be applied not too frequently because they may leave hair violet- or blue-shaded. Last but not least, while choosing grey hair care products, pay attention to the list of ingredients to look for the protein content.

How to dye grey hair?

In order to cover up grey hair, you can make use of the following products:

  • DYES – dyeing covers up grey hair perfectly but it has to be repeated monthly, which might lead to hair dehydration.
  • OILS – the best among them is clove oil that displays hair darkening properties and reduces grey hair.
  • HAIR WASHES – they are recommended for both women and men and their action depends on rebuilding hair shafts together with their natural pigment. On the other hand, this is a fairly long and slow process, and to make the matter even more difficult – hair washes can be used only by those whose hair is either fair or brown.
  • HAIRPRINTS – these are products containing a melanin precursor that penetrates hair to reach the inner structures. As a result of being in contact with oxygen, they transform into the natural hair pigment that covers the entire hair length.

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