Face scrub: What are the effects? Is it safe?

What is the facial scrub?
What are its effects?
How can I exfoliate my face at home?
How often should you repeat the treatment?

You ask me of it so often that I decided to resolve all doubts. The post I prepared (hopefully) contains all information on peels and scrubs for the skin. As it turns out, it’s the subject that I overlooked and you have no idea how to start this treatment, is it worth it and what it actually does. Here I come to the rescue! 🙂 Let’s start at the beginning.

What’s the difference between the facial scrub and regular scrub?

Scrub — skin exfoliation, that in fact removes just the dead skin cells that deposit on the skin surface. Most commonly performed in a beauty parlour, although can be also executed at home and this is how I prefer it.

Facial scrub — it does not differ much from the regular scrub, besides the fact that it is focused on face area and involves more gentle cosmetics.

EFFECTS — Why should you exfoliate face?

The reason is exactly the same as for other parts of the body. Removal of dead skin cells is an easy way to make your skin smooth, healthy and free of irritations. Personally, I do it so that make-up was easier (no dry skin patches and the foundation holds better). Besides, face scrub performed on regular basis makes me look good even without the make-up because the skin is smooth, has even colour, less acne and dryness problems.

According to dermatologists and beauticians, face scrub stimulates the skin to better work because besides cleansing effect it also speeds up blood circulation. As a result, the skin produces more collagen and elastin fibres, so is more supple. It also means that scrub inhibits ageing processes and pushes away the moment of first wrinkles appearance. Stimulated skin equals better nourishment and hydration.

It’s more than enough reason for me! 🙂

Face scrub at home or by beautician?

Let me put it this way — it’s not for me to judge. Obviously, visit at the beauty parlour is connected with additional costs, but I’m certain that treatment is done correctly. Professional beautician will match correct scrub type for your face in order to achieve intended result and avoid skin irritation. It doesn’t mean you cannot do it at home. Of course, you can and I’m the perfect example of it, but I do recommend you to exfoliate dead skin cells gently and only after you read this and similar to it entries.

Which face scrub should you choose?

The choice depends on everyday needs of your skin, its type and possible problems that it suffers from. Here are the most popular types of face scrubs:

  • Grained scrub — the perfect solution for oily skin; mechanically exfoliates skin and massages it with powdered seeds; improves blood circulation in the skin, refreshes, cleanses pores and limits sebum secretion.
  • Synthetic scrub — variation on mechanical scrub which is better for mixed, dull skin; it removes dead skin cells and is more gentle, cleanses skin, brightens up, hydrates and regenerates it.
  • Enzymatic scrub — truly amazing if you have sensitive, couperose and thin skin because mechanical scrubs can cause irritations and additionally weaken its natural protective barrier; vegetable enzymes exfoliate epidermis equally well, but in more gentle manner.

How to perform at home facial scrub?

Since I do my scrub at home, I just have to tell you all about the method I believe is the best. If you apply to my directions, everything should go perfectly and your skin will be smooth and supple. Here are some rules you need to remember about:

  •  face scrub cannot be performed too often, especially when you have delicate skin, twice a week top for oily skin and once a week for mixed skin type;
  • the mechanical scrub should be used carefully and gently massaged on the skin, no sudden movement or rubbing (life hack: scrub is known to spread better on wet skin);
  • never use face scrub on entire face (!) — avoid eyes area because there the skin is very delicate and thin;
  • always end face scrub with an application of deeply nourishing face mask with calming properties, which will reduce redness and moisturise skin after the treatment.

RECIPE: my favourite face scrub

Bonus. Here’s recipe for my favourite and frequently used creamy face scrub. What are its benefits? It doesn’t require much preparation, ingredients are easy to get and the mix has also anti-ageing properties. In my opinion, it’s amazing though if you wish you can try other scrub ideas.

Home-made face scrub with coffee:

Mix 3 teaspoons of ground coffee with 5 teaspoons of olive oil or other face oil you like (I often use almond oil, because it works wonders for my skin). You can add 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon or turmeric. Created mix apply to face and perform gentle massage in circular motion, then wash it all down.

Let me know whether you do at home facial scrub! 🙂

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