Everything You Would Like to Know About Facial Masks

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Mask is a must in my skincare. I apply masks to face, body and hair. What types do I use and how? If you want to find out, enjoy reading the post!

Do We Really Need Masks?

These products are used during the last stage of skin and hair care. You must apply masks twice a week for best effects. Why is it so important? It is said that applying a mattifying mask too often can dehydrate oily skin whereas using moisturising masks boosts oiliness. The results depend on ingredients. Choose between firming, soothing, purifying and nourishing masks. You can apply them to the face, neckline, belly and thighs.

How to Use Masks the Right Way?

Afternoon or evening time is best. You must remember to thoroughly wash your face and do a scrub before using a mask. In this way, you open skin pores so it’s easier for the ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Mind you can’t apply masks to the under-eye and around-lip skin. Another thing worth knowing… You leave the mask in as long as the leaflet says. Next, you wash it off or let it absorb.

Are Masks for Everyone?

Surely, they are! Both men and women can use them. They work no matter the skin type. Just match them to the needs of your skin and choose the right formula. The cosmetic market is full of masks that contain precious substances. No doubts, you will find something made for your skin.

Do You Use Masks? Be Careful!

If you don’t follow the producers’ instructions for use, your skin can suffer from irritations, inflammation or dryness. These are only some of the symptoms you can face up to after using masks the wrong way.

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