Do you know it all about micellar shampoo? Effect, qualities, use

I guess we know it all about micellar water. What about micellar shampoo? If it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, read on and learn the essentials. You’ll unravel the must-know: its properties, effects and usage.

What is micellar shampoo?

The micellar shampoo effect goes on natural ingredients and special cleansing agents – micelles. They are formulated without artificial substances that are likely to irritate scalp and dry out hair. Micellar shampoos make the best choice for sensitive scalp and fragile hair.

How micellar shampoos work?

Micelles – small molecules binding water with fats – make micellar shampoo act in a particular way. They effectively remove all kinds of dirt. Micellar shampoos balance sebum production and pH, moisturize scalp and soothe irritation.

Best micellar shampoo for you

Most of all, pay attention to ingredients and effect:

  • Aloe leaf extract moisturizes and repairs hair and skin;
  • pro-vitamin B5 boosts moisture and soothes irritation;
  • Glycerol monostearate seals cuticle scales, smoothes and adds elasticity;
  • water lily root extract and linseed extract reduce oversensitivity of scalp;
  • allantoin or betaine soothes, reduces and holds back irritations;
  • Piroctone olamine alleviates and eliminates scalp irritations;
  • Acetylated lanolin alcohol forms protective shield on hair surface.

Micellar shampoo vs regular shampoo

Micellar shampoos contain molecules (micelles) which bind with fat and water and thus purify hair and scalp, being gentle and non-irritative at the same time. Strands aren’t extremely dry and the natural hydro-lipid layer stays untouched. On the other hand, a traditional shampoo effectively removes dirt yet at the cost of lipids which protect and moisturise hair; once-a-week use guarantees perfectly clean hair and skin on the head.

Types of micellar shampoos

Micellar shampoos infused with linseed, sage and wheat extracts are worth testing. You get the following effect:

  • sage-rich micellar shampoo conditions oily hair and delicate scalp. The product reduces secretion of sebum giving hair volume and freshness. The skin is fresh and relieved;
  • linseed-rich micellar shampoo nurtures dry hair and dehydrated scalp. The product cleanses, moisturizes, restores natural hair shine;
  • wheat-rich micellar shampoo is cut out for weak hair and all types of scalp. It purifies skin, strengthens and repairs hair, protecting the tips against splitting.

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