DIY Facial Masks: Reasons Why You Should Give Them a Shot


As you probably know it by now, I love experimenting with my daily skin ritual. I’m a fan of home beauty products and apart from home facial toners, I like making facial masks. I think that preparing diy facial mask costs so little and requires putting almost no effort into it, that you should give it a try too. Today I’m going to show you my tested recipes for diy facial masks and list the benefits of this homemade skin product.

Why do I wholeheartedly recommend DIY facial masks?

There are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, the formulations. It happened more than once that was fooled by buying a face mask that was supposed to contain gold, or some cute packaging that couldn’t resist. Sadly, the design is one thing and the ingredients the product is made with is a completely different thing. I know that sometimes you need some nice packaging for the shots, but I want a facial mask to be formulated with the right ingredients and give me visible effects. Therefore, when I prepare my own facial mask, I use only well-selected and all-natural ingredients.

Secondly, the money. Naturally, you may have a different opinion but to me the majority of facial masks sold in drugstores aren’t budget-friendly, especially if you use it every other day, just like me. Luckily, you don’t have to spend much on diy facial masks! I don’t remember myself shopping for some extraordinary ingredients – I make my skincare products from the substances I already have at home.

Thirdly, the fun you have while making facial masks. To be totally honest with you, as much as I love experimenting in the kitchen, I love doing the same thing while making home facial masks. Before I manage to get the right texture, I need to do a few tries, but I truly like this process, and I truly believe you will also like it. Suggest making DIY facial masks at a pyjama party or a hen’s night – I’m sure you will have a great time together.

DIY Facial Masks: Things you need

My home facial masks are always made up of two basic phases.

First – base

The most often one of my base ingredients is:

  • yogurt
  • vegetable oil, e.g. coconut oil or olive oil
  • dairy cream
  • mashed fruit or vegetables, e.g. banana or avocado

Second – extra ingredients

Once I have the base ingredient, I mix it either with one or a few of the following:

  • oat flakes
  • white clay
  • honey
  • lemon juice

How to make DIY facial mask

No matter what facial mask you want to apply, you make all of them in the same way. Combine a chosen base ingredient with extra ingredients in a bowl. When the texture is okay, meaning not too runny, not too thick, apply your DIY to the face. Let it sit for 5 to 30 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Best DIY Facial Masks: My proven recipes

  1. A spoon of plain yogurt + a spoon of fine oat flakes + a half of ripe avocado
  2. Two spoons of plain yogurt + two spoons of honey + a teaspoon of lemon juice
  3. A spoon of mashed banana + a spoon of honey + a spoon of coconut oil + a spoon of oat flakes
  4. Two spoons of white clay + a spoon of coconut oil (alternatively olive oil) + a teaspoon of honey

If you haven’t made home facial masks yet, I truly hope that I talked you into giving them a shot 🙂 However, if you have your favorite facial masks, please leave the recipes in the comment section.

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