Discover Benefits & Downsides of Bob Haircut


Bob haircut has been popular for a few seasons. It is loved by celebrities. You can wear it, too. Before going for the change, discover the good and bad sides of bob. Does it suit you?

What does bob haircut look like?

It is a short haircut yet there’s a longer version – lob. Hair is cut at the jawline; it usually goes with a side bang. Bob can be straight or layered, with waves or silky-smooth straight hair. It works for all hair types and face shapes.

Bob – minuses

As I’ve mentioned, bob is a short hairstyle. If your hair’s thin, sensitive and easily-damaged, you shouldn’t wear this kind of style. Why? It is going to brush against your collar, neck and pillow, leading to worse hair condition, split ends, breakage or falling out.

Bob isn’t recommended for people who have fine hair and little time. Why? Every morning, you must devote several minutes to styling; overusing heat styling and some cosmetics leads to hair damage. For your daily hair care routine, you would have to add hair repair treatments and heat protectants.

Bob is the one and only hairstyle that needs monthly trimming. Sadly, hair grows in an uneven line so keeping the cut (created by the hairdresser) is impossible to do by yourself. Trimming and refreshing bob at a salon is a must.

Bob – pluses

Hands down, bob is an elegant, classic and neat hairstyle. After leaving a hair salon, it looks stunning. Thick and wavy hair is cut out for bob. Another plus is that every girl looks good wearing bob. I bet it’s going to be among the hottest hairdos for a long time.

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