Can music played in beauty parlour display therapeutic action?


Scented candles, a soft couch and high-quality cosmetics are just a few factors increasing the comfort a beauty salon may offer. Is there anything else to add? Naturally, let’s not forget about music. Calming down, relaxing and deaden sounds don’t only favour creating cosy atmosphere but also aid in carrying beauty rituals and are an inseparable element of many kinds of therapies. Find out how music is able to affect us in a beauty parlour.

A good beauty salon – What is that?

Today a good beauty salon mostly equals high quality of service offered and cosmetics used. Naturally, there are also other factors that matter: cleanliness of the offices, the staff’s appearance and its approach to the client, a comfortable place to carry out the treatments, the adequate and right price. If your beauty parlour fulfils all the requirements, you are on a good way to attract many satisfied customers. It’s also important to make your customers leave your salon convinced that the procedure they have just received was absolutely necessary, valuable, cost-effective and that they expectations were fulfilled.

But what should be done when we keep losing more and more clients? A good idea is to run a survey or keep statistics on your beauty parlour looks, get some ad aired, create a website as well as introduce aroma therapy and music therapy to the offer. Ask you customers what they liked most at their first visit paid in your beauty parlour and treat the answers as a lead that will help you keep your business on the right track.

Music therapy in a beauty parlour

Music is a powerful stimulus which affects a person visiting a beauty parlour. Although it doesn’t guarantee incredibly high level of satisfaction, it surely positively influences the comfort and the opinions of the customers. Well-selected music promotes relaxation, which is a good piece of counterweight to a conversation between the client and the beautician. It’s worth realising that there are customers who visit a beauty salon to calm down and relax, therefore it’s advised to introduce stimulus that doesn’t only work on scent and sight but also on hearing. To sum up, the music played in an office should help the customer get the most of a beauty procedure and make them return their homes being amazed with the sounds themselves.

If you run a beauty parlour, then remember to choose various music genres so as to match the playlists with your clients’ tastes. Categorize the songs into two playlists: one that is played in a waiting room and other played during the procedures. This kind of division will receive positive feedback from the clients and your staff. Moreover, don’t forget to change the music frequently because listening to one playlist again and again might become quite boring. It’s definitely better to buy a few CDs rather than listen to a radio, which in fact is far from being professional. Instead, it’s costly and strictly connected with additional expenses.

What genre to choose?

Naturally, a good solution is buying the access to music that is created for relaxation, meditation, massage, etc. Good music should display therapeutic and relaxing action. Also, it’s supposed to put customers in a good mood and which is still nice to listen to after being played a few times. Last but not least, there are also music compilations available that are able to affect the frequency of brain waves.

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