Beware you skin pores! How to remove blackheads – 5-step manual

If you think that a pretty, smooth, blackhead-free face is something that you will never have, than you can’t be more wrong. Today, together with me, you’re going to square your complexion away 😉

I invite you to reading!

Enlarged skin pores is a problem that many women suffer from, no matter of their age. This kind of skin pores looks terrible. They ruin the entire look of our face including make-up. Every day, in the morning, they look at us and threat with their blackness. These are like the skin’s black holes – nobody knows what are behind them and they absorb everything that is close to them: dirt, dust and toxins. In return they spew out sebum.

The more a skin pore is clogged, the worse it works. Skin can’t breathe and isn’t able to cleanse itself. Undoubtedly, a clogged skin pore (a blackhead) looks… eh… everybody knows how it looks like.

It’s also worth realizing that blackheads are the aftermath of dirt accumulation, but the white ones are the consequence of the self-defence reactions of the organism to the bacteria. The organism tries to (rather unskilfully) fight back the germs.

Here comes the good news! You can help your skin and win the war against blackheads once and for all. Since skin pores react to warmth, it would be the best solution to perform a steam facial procedure – once open or enlarged, skin pores would be easier to cleanse. Therefore, the first step in unclogging skin pores should be steam facial.

Steam facial doesn’t only enlarge skin pores which, obviously, facilitates their cleansing. This procedure also stimulates blood circulation in our skin and thanks to that every cosmetic applied after the treatment (no matter if a face mask, a cream or herbal distillates) will be absorbed better. All the precious vitamins and minerals will penetrate deep through the skin layers easier and faster.

WARNING! If your face skin is exceptionally sensitive or capillary – it would be better for you to resign from steam facial and cleanse your face in other ways (for example, in professional beauty parlours). The others, follow me!

How to do the steam facial? 5-step manual

1. Remove make-up, wash your face with the favourite cleansing cosmetic, balance pH level of your skin (use a toner!)

2. Optionally (it would be nice if you did this to your face), perform a peeling between cleansing your face and toning it. This will help you eliminate the dead epidermis cells that shouldn’t be on your face in the first place.

3. Add a herbal infusion into the steam facial. Just put your face above a bowl and coat your head with a towel to prevent the steaming water from ‘running away’. The stream has to be directed at your face. Basically, a steam facial treatment should last 10-20 minutes (the more oily a face is, the longer the procedure should take).

Probably you are wondering which herbs to choose for your home steam facial. Here’s the answer:

  • lavender – soothes skin and restores harmony;
  • pot marigold – has soothing and anti-inflammatory features;
  • chamomile – relieves, freshens up and highlights complexion;
  • pansy – irreplaceable when it comes to fighting against acne;
  • sage – it slightly contracts skin and disinfects it;
  • rose (you can dry the petals earlier, best if they are taken from flowers originating from eco-farms) – rejuvenates, balances pH, smooths and gifts skin with a pretty tone;
  • rockrose – removes toxins and delivers antiseptic action, helps with combating acne.

Of course, this is just a drop in the sea of suggestions, ideas and propositions. Many women use tea oils, natural oils, aloe, melissa… the list endless. You are the only one to choose the best herb to add to your steam facial.

4. Once you finish your steam facial session, it’s advisable to apply a face mask which will additionally cleanses the face and deliver a range of care substances deep into the skin. I recommend a white clay face mask. It’s action is described as rejuvenating. Also, white clay is recognized as a natural agent that counteracts all possible skin imperfections.

5. To close the skin pores, rinse your face with cool water. Version for the fearless: use an ice-cube to massage your face. After a few steam facial sessions you will see the difference – skin pores will be gradually becoming smaller…, and smaller…, and smaller…, and eventually they will become totally pacified and stop being visible.

Best of luck to you!

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