4 Strangest Beauty Products and Accessories I’ve Used

Hi, girls!

Each of us must have got tempted one day and bought a very strange beauty product or gadget. Today I’m writing about the ones I’ve used so far. And you, girls, do you have some unusual hair or skin care products or tools?

Magic Leverag. How not to curl your hair?

Magic Leverag is a gadget making hair curling easier. The set includes spirals similar to curling pins (material rolls) and a plastic stick. What does curling with the gadget consist of? You apply a styling primer to damp hair after combing. Next, you put the plastic stick into the spiral. Put a strand of hair into the loop of the stick and pull it through the roll. Effect? Beautiful and long-lasting curls. But is this the truth? Sadly… It didn’t work for my hair. Maybe it’s because of the length of my hair (almost waist long) or simply the gadget is useless. I’d never lost so much hair in one treatment.

Exfoliating socks with acids

You can buy them in every drugstore and shopping mall. They contain moisturising ingredients and fruit acids that remove dead skin cells. You just put them on for two hours and… wait patiently until the skin starts peeling. The sight is quite scary, and the flakes of your skin are scattered around the bed or floor. The whole exfoliating process lasts more or less two weeks. We are grounded. Would you like to show your feet to anyone in such a state? I’m also worried because of the influence of acids on nails. Will they also get softer and start falling out?

Silisponge Molly Cosmetics

It’s a really strange gadget. Some women say it will replace BeautyBlender. You use Silisponge Molly Cosmetics to apply foundation, concealer and other fluid cosmetics. The sponge is easy to clean and dry. Contrary to BeautyBlender, it has no fibres that water or colored products could penetrate. The funniest thing is that the silicone sponge is very soft and bends in all directions. It looks really weird!

Miracle Cushion Lancome

It’s a tiny cushion soaked in foundation, in different shades. You use an attached sponge for the application. There’s a mirror inside so you can apply the cosmetic when you’re out. Lancome Miracle Cushion is an excellent solution. It doesn’t dry off and you use a very small amount for make-up. The cosmetic gives a quite good coverage, evens out the skin tone and moisturises the skin. The packaging of Miracle Cushion is very small so it fits in every bag or beauty case.

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