4 qualities you should look for in an eye cream

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Are you looking for a good eye cream? What attributes should it have? Obviously, it should reduce wrinkles and leave your skin rested, with no signs of dark circles or puffiness. But how will you know that an eye cream you’re looking at is good for you? Let me explain everything 🙂

Qualities you should look for in an eye cream

Below you will find four main things that you should know about an eye cream. I’m sure that some of you may know this and that, but I hope you will learn something new too.

1. Ingredients that fight back and erase fine lines.

Naturally, almost all eye creams contain some kind of “miraculous” ingredient or blend of ingredients. Do they work for everyone? Well, there are some ingredients that are proven to be efficient. The substances that make your skin look better and fix flabby eye skin are: retinol, coenzyme Q10 and caffeine. Additionally, I can tell you that peptides and so-called green retinol, which is bakuchiol, are also expected to smooth out fine lines.

2. Eye cream should take good care of the eyelids too.

When you apply an eye cream, do you also think about eyelids? They need your care too, therefore try to find an eye cream that erases wrinkles, fixes saggy eye skin and nourishes eyelids. I need to help you realize that eyelid skin is thinner when compared to other face areas, meaning that when you remove makeup, you irritate it by rubbing a cotton pad against it. If I were to recommend some substances that are gentle to the eyelids, I’d give you argan oil, linseed oil, vitamin A and E. During summer, before applying makeup, I use an eye gel enriched with eyebright that I also put on the eyelids. It’s awesome!

3. Eye cream’s key task is to remove fatigue from your face.

I think there is no other body part that would give up how tired you are than eyes. Drooping eyelids, dark circles, sagging, puffiness… In most cases these signs of fatigue are caused by lymph that gathers underneath the skin, especially if you had a late night. For that reason, you should look for an eye cream that is formulated with the ingredients that prevent dark circles and puffiness, such as caffeine, flavonoides or buckeye extract. I’d also suggest using vitamin C that is known for brightening skin up and erasing discoloration from face.

4. A metal roller is your go-to.

Did you know that massage done regularly to the eye skin boosts circulation? This gives you supple, resilient and bright eye skin! That being said, look for eye creams coming with a metal roller tip. Another idea is equipping yourself with a special eye cream applicator. It resembles a spoon and also features a small metal ball to facilitate massaging. For best effects, cool down the applicator in a fridge – just a few minutes will do. Cold stimulates circulation in skin, and this is how you can get rid of dark circles. If the eye cream you bought doesn’t have a massaging tip, get one – e.g. a jade roller. This tool remains cool for pretty long and can be used not only for eye skin but also for the entire face. I guess jade rollers give surprisingly good effects.

Do you have your favorite eye cream?


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