TOP 7 natural oils I use for skin care


do you use natural beauty oils for skin care? If not, I hope this post will make you change your mind. I am a natural-skin-care enthusiast so I’ll prove that oils are underrated beauty products straight from nature – effective, budget-friendly and very easy to use.

Natural oils vs skin care

I’m about to introduce you to my top 7 natural oils in daily skin care routine. Before that, let me tell you why it’s good to use oils in skin care. Year by year oils are growing in popularity because we keep discovering the amazing properties of these natural substances.

Vegetable oils are emollients.

What does this mean? Oils are able to create a thin, occlusive layer on the skin’s surface which protects from the loss of hydration and valuable nutrients that we deliver e.g. with a face serum.

Many oils are natural sunscreens.

Secondly, plenty of vegetable oils have a natural ability to shield the skin against the harmful effect of the solar radiation. They can’t replace strong filters but the sun protection factors of some of them are pretty high – SPF 28 for raspberry oil and SPF 38 for carrot seed oil.

Oils are high in essential nutrients.

One argan oil holds around 100 nutritional ingredients while avocado oil is known as the oil of seven vitamins. This only proves that natural oils make up a rich source of nutrients essential for healthy skin such as vitamin E, vitamin A, silicon, zinc, sulfur, other minerals, omega fatty acids, squalane, phytosterols, etc.

Oils are multitasking.

Finally, the thing that I love the most – oils are multi-purpose so we can apply them to the body, face, hair, nails, mix them with other ingredients or use them alone. There are plenty of possibilities.


Here comes the list of my favorite natural oils I use during the daily skin-care routine. I don’t guarantee that each one of them will work the same for your skin but I suggest testing them all. To me, they are the best oils to use on the skin on a daily basis.

1. Almond oil

I love sweet almond oil for the wonderful aroma and gentleness. This oil is usually recommended for moms-to-be. You can also use it to nurture the baby’s skin. It’s very mild, lubricates and smoothens the skin, adds softness and locks water in. Almond oil has antioxidant properties and an antiaging effect so it’s a skin-care stunner.

2. Argan oil

Argan oil is second to none and I use it same often on the face, hair and nails. It aids the natural skin repair, enhances weak, irritated skin, provides the sun and heat protection. I adore argan for the diversity of nutrients that wonderfully revitalize the skin – of course it must be original, cold-pressed and unrefined argan oil from Morocco.

3. Castor oil

This underrated oil helped me treat acne because it has a strong antibacterial effect. Castor oil cleanses, detoxifies and sparks skin repair. I like to use it to remove make-up and cleanse the face – it gives amazing effect when paired with argan oil.

4. Rose oil

Hands down, rose oil is one of the most popular oils used for skin care. The oil extracted from the Damask rose is the best (and the priciest). It’s good to have a small bottle of this precious oil because it soothes irritated skin and is an effective rejuvenating substance. Plus, it smells so lovely!

5. Raspberry oil

I usually use raspberry oil instead of a day moisturizer and a lightweight make-up primer. It perfectly smoothens the skin, evens out the tone and revitalizes, plus it is one of the strongest natural sunscreens.

6. Jojoba oil

I used to feel unsure about jojoba oil, especially when I learnt it was actually liquid wax, not oil. However, it turns out that jojoba oil is perfectly absorbed and restores the proper functioning of the skin because it is similar to human sebum as far as the structure goes. That’s why it effectively protects against the loss of water and balances the sebum secretion.

7. Black seed oil

Finally, black seed oil. It’s rare in skin care yet it effectively fights all types of irritations. Black seed oil prevents inflammation and soothes its symptoms e.g. skin allergy. I always rub it in when my skin itches or burns – it really helps.

This has been my round-up of fave natural oils. Let me know what oils you use for enhancing the skin. I’m looking forward to your comments!

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