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Looking For A Good Eyebrow Pencil? – Testing Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil

If I had to choose the most important beauty product in my makeup bag, it would definitely be a brow pencil. I think it would even come before my mascara. That’s because it’s the eyebrows that give shape to the whole face and improve the features, ensuring the face looks harmonious. A good eyebrow pencil? For me, it’s the most recent release from Nanobrow. Check out why!

spoolie brush eyebrow pencil

Why do I recommend a brow pencil?

Of course, a brow pencil is the most convenient makeup product. In fact, I don’t think any other product ensures such precision in makeup and allows you to achieve fabulous effects in just 5 minutes. Of course, if we want to get the best possible results, we have to bet on a good eyebrow pencil. Hmm… now you’re probably thinking: easy to say, but how to find a good brow pencil? What does that even mean? I’m about to explain it all!

How to choose a good brow pencil?

In a product of this kind, everything must be perfectly refined and well-thought-out: both the tip with its softness and thickness, and the available shades. I, for example, never choose eyebrow pencils that require sharpening for my brow makeup. They are too thick and not very precise. In general, I also always check product reviews to find out if the tip of the pencil is soft enough. I don’t like tips that are too hard as it’s super hard to apply them on the skin… I think they are just badly pigmented. Of course, the tip shouldn’t be too soft either as it will smudge and stain the skin and it will also wear off more easily. In general, the long-wear finish of the pencil is another factor worth considering when choosing a good eyebrow pencil. I often go to the gym immediately after work, so I don’t have time to remove my makeup. And the last thing I’d want is for my makeup to run off my face along with sweat. And I tend to define my brows strongly as they are naturally dark, so that could end up in a disaster. For me, a good wearability of an eyebrow pencil is absolutely essential!

The last thing I pay attention to is, of course, the available shades. I’ve encountered plenty of products considered prestigious and high-end, and when I started swatching their colors it turned out that they were all terrible! They simply looked unnatural and not pretty at all. And yet a well-chosen brow pencil shade is the first step to successful makeup!

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil – a good brow pencil, in every way!

Well, this is where we come to the main hero of this review – a product I tested and want to recommend to you. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil is a pencil that passed all the tests and met all my requirements for a good brow makeup product. It is super long-wear: it withstood even the hardest workout and did not wear off my eyebrows once. It comes in excellent shades! The shades are lovely… what can I say – you must see them for yourself! I hope I’ll be able to upload my swatches here, as of course, I have tested every shade of this pencil, especially for you guys. Each shade works just as well, the pigmentation is top-notch, and the shades are neutral, so you’re sure to easily match one of them to your brows. I often combine shades by starting with a slightly lighter one at the beginning of my eyebrows and defining the tail with a darker pencil. No risk of product waste here 😀

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil – a retractable brow pencil

Another very valuable feature that has blown me away is the tip of this brow pencil. It’s mega-thin and probably the thinnest I’ve ever seen, ensuring such convenient softness at the same time! It is the tip that allows the pencil to work so precisely and perfectly. You can use it not only to fill the whole eyebrows with color but also to create hair-like strokes to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows. Then all you have to do is press it harder against the skin so that the strokes are a bit stronger than the rest of the makeup. Isn’t that easy?

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil – price

You often ask me how much the product I review costs… I am not surprised, because each of you has a certain budget dedicated to being spent on beauty products. And besides, no one likes to overpay. Here, I must reassure you that for such great quality, Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil does not cost much at all. Besides, it is very efficient, so the price of this eyebrow pencil is really affordable.

Where did I buy my Nanobrow brow pencil?

This is another aspect you always ask about and I know you like it when I give you the answer right away. Is this eyebrow pencil available in major beauty stores? I’ll frankly admit that I don’t know because I prefer to shop directly on Nanobrow’s website, where I’ve been stocking up on my brow makeup and care products for a long time. If you come to my blog regularly, you’ve probably seen that there are quite a few reviews of Nanobrow beauty products there, and probably many more to come.

eyebrow pencil how to use

You can order Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencils at www.nanobrow.co.uk – I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fast shopping experience and even faster shipping and delivery right to your door!

Let me know if you are familiar with the Nanobrow brow pencil and tell me how you do your brow makeup and which makeup products you love the most! Kisses! <3

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