olejek arganowy nanoil

How I Banished Cellulite and Stretch Marks Using Nanoil Argan Oil

Hey guys, I want to thank you for your trust and sharing some of your beauty gripes. Now it’s my turn and time for confession. I’ll tell you about my fight against stretch marks and cellulite, and also review a beauty oil which helped my skin get smooth and lovely. Read about my all-time favorite – Nanoil Argan Oil.

My body isn’t perfect! 

My body isn’t flawless and I’m aware of that. I had cellulite from a young age, and then stretch marks followed because of putting on and losing weight. Such weight swings aren’t good for the skin – the epidermal layer rebels which leads to unaesthetic marks on the skin. I know just a few girls who really embrace such post-pregnancy marks, but others treat them as an intruder that needs to be banished.

I never liked my stretch marks or orange peel and for many years had been looking for a remedy which would lessen them or totally remove both flaws. I tried and tested many solutions, methods and products. I was scared I would need to get an aesthetic medicine procedure and you probably know the prices… Thankfully my bestie recommended two foolproof remedies.

FIRST, BODY MASSAGE – with a massaging accessory or Chinese cups.

SECOND, ARGAN OIL – it must be best quality, unrefined, cold-pressed, certified. NANOIL is my only choice.

I took her advice, bought a massaging tool and the oil. What’s the result?

olejek arganowy nanoil

Argan oil – effects

Argan oil is one of few plant-derived oils with substances that benefit our skin or hair. It’s rich in antioxidants, cares for and protects the skin, maintains its health, delivers elasticity and density to keep it young and flawless! <3

How do I use argan oil in skin care?

Well, regularity is the key to success. Without it, you won’t achieve desired effects. Massage of tissues is like a workout for our bodies and it should be done as often as possible. I always massage the body after showering. I usually do it quickly, 5 mins tops, focusing on areas that are affected by cellulite, that is thighs – the back side in particular.

Once a week I devote more time, around 30 mins, to such a massage. Tip for a nice evening: play a TV show on Netflix and get massaging! Grab argan oil, a massaging tool and enjoy the massage! An episode ends, the massage ends, cellulite and stretch marks gradually end too…

olejek arganowy nanoil

Nanoil Argan Oil for massage – effects

The best part of today’s post 🙂 I’m sure you realize that flaws like orange peel or stretch marks can’t fade overnight or even within a week or two… They’re formed for years so we need patience and regular treatment to do away with them. Worth the effort though! After four weeks I got a bit anxious because I didn’t notice any striking improvement (naturally the skin got firmer and smoother). But after around two months cellulite on my tights started to fade! Stretch marks got less visible too. Now the skin is supple and healthy. It makes me so happy! I recommend Nanoil Argan Oil to everyone because I’m living proof it works. If you’re seeking a thing that will handle bothersome orange peel, then NANOIL ARGAN OIL is foolproof.

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