Fine, lifeless hair? A handful of easy and effective tips on how to increase hair volume!

Hiya girls!  Today, a handful of tips for those who cannot boast of lush and thick hair. For many of us, styling thin, fine hair can be a real torture because no matter what we do, it never looks good enough:/ Luckily, there is a solution to every situation:) Below you will find my tips and tricks on how to enhance hair volume. You do not need[…]

nanoil low porosity - best for my hair

Hair SOS | How Has Nanoil Made Over My Hair Care Routine?

There are different hair problems… My hair is greasy and lacks volume. Choosing the right hair care routine is the biggest problem: even the lightest cosmetics may weigh it down. Short haircut (my hairdresser’s tip) or using only rinse-out products doesn’t help either. What is your hair like? I guess that many of you have the same problem I do. Among hundreds of available shampoos,[…]

charcoal dye

Charcoal hair as a new trend in hair coloring. What is it all about?

I hope that again I’ll be your first (and the best) source of information when it comes to beauty novelties. Today I’m coming to you with something more toned, which I personally find as a great alternative to all the rainbow hair that has been so popular recently. Instagram’s #rainbowhair is already passé. Nowadays, all the social media are conquered by… CHARCOAL HAIR! You can[…]

L’Oréal Paris – Botanicals Fresh Care. New stuff in my hair care!

I’m a little skeptical when it comes to L’Oréal products because it was definitely more than once when they left my hair in ruins. However, it turns out that the brand has also cosmetics that I can recommend you with my clear conscience. I’m talking about Botanicals Fresh Care. Do I care what I apply to my hair? Of course, I do! It’s been long[…]

Nutri Clinic, Collagen – a few words on powdered collagen

I learnt about collagen products from my mum who, as befits a mature woman, more and more often looks for a various youth elixirs. She still hopes that she will manage to find this happy medium to everlasting youth. In my view, something like that doesn’t exist which doesn’t mean that I don’t try out the products my mum comes across while browsing the Internet.[…]