How to take care of hair ends? My methods include proper diet and hair oiling

Hi everyone!  Split, dry, brittle. If that’s how you can describe your hair ends, it means that you must start taking proper care of it, immediately. The good news is that there is no need for trimming! A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and a hair treatment known to every hair maniac – hair oiling, helped me out!  Eat Clean  Proper diet has a great[…]

Hair chelate. Is it the best method to have silky smooth and beautiful hair?

Hello! Your hair is weak, damaged and dull, even though you use the best cosmetics? Perhaps the condition of the hairstyle was worsened by hard and polluted tap water. Fortunately, there is a simple way that your hair will regain a beautiful and healthy look. It’s hair chelating. What is it about? What effect does hard water have on the hair? Hard water has a[…]

Relax & Repair – Hair Steaming

Hello, girls! Yesterday I tested an exceptionally pleasurable hair treatment – hair steaming. My friend told me about it a long time ago. She has it done every time she bleaches her hair. I finally got round to it and simply must share my impressions. What is a hair steamer? The hair steamer is like a large hair dryer. There’s a container with water at[…]