Sniff, sniff! A few words about fragrances

Hello there, If you like scents, gloss phials, fruit and flowery aromas, then let me encourage you to read the following article. Today, I’m going to share my thoughts concerning perfumes and the art of choosing them. Maybe most of you find this aspect far from being important, but matching a fragrance with pH of skin is a tough nut to crack; without mentioning matching[…]

How to match sunglasses to the face shape?

Summer is coming so no wonder why we consider sunglasses to be part and parcel of our holiday outfit. However, do you know how to match sunglasses so they suit you? It’s important because mismatched frames age us and deprive our face of the inborn charm. Although I wear corrective lenses, my collection of sunglasses is very impressive. Once the summer begins, I put my[…]

best mascara ever - Lashcode

Mascara That Breaks the Rules! Lashcode Review

Hello, ladies! Get prepared for the review of a product that belongs to my cosmetic SUPER hits. If you’re still looking for a favourite mascara, you’re about to fall in love with Lashcode. If you already have a favourite, you’ll definitely love Lashcode as well 🙂 I am truly amazed by the product. It’s like there’s a huge gap between this mascara and all other[…]

Homemade methods for pigmentations. Take care of your skin

Today’s subject is UNWANTED PIGMENTATIONS! You surely can agree that pigmentation is a nightmare of thousands of women. There is little effective methods to get rid of those uninvited skin changes, but oh-so-many factors that may cause them. For several weeks now I battle them to have even and smooth skin and today I will share my methods with you. 🙂 No. 1 Know your[…]