How to Fix Beauty Treatment Fails? Useful Tips&Tricks

Hey! Just imagine… you go to a beauty salon hoping for a beautiful and smooth skin. You look in the mirror after the treatment and… see ugly makeup, wrongly shaped eyebrows, poorly done exfoliation. What’s your reaction? If you don’t feel like making a complaint, fix the beautician’s mistakes by yourself at home! HENNA If henna on your lashes or brows is too dark or[…]

Beware you skin pores! How to remove blackheads – 5-step manual

If you think that a pretty, smooth, blackhead-free face is something that you will never have, than you can’t be more wrong. Today, together with me, you’re going to square your complexion away 😉 I invite you to reading! Enlarged skin pores is a problem that many women suffer from, no matter of their age. This kind of skin pores looks terrible. They ruin the[…]

Summer cosmetic novelties. What’s worth trying out?

Cosmetic brands are preparing quite a treat for us this summer. Indeed, we have plenty to choose from and this includes both make-up items as well as fragrances. Today, I’m going to present you something that will sweep you off your feet, surely. The products are arranged randomly. 1. Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick Lips that look as if they have just[…]

How to smell good the entire day? My ways for fresh and lasting fragrance

Skin features sweat glands that produce approximately one litre of perspiration per day. Contrary to all appearances, sweat is essential; it cools skin off and this counteracts body overheating. However, when the sweat is allowed to remain on the skin for a little bit too long, it causes unpleasant smell and discomfort that is strictly connected with it. Luckily, there are means to deal with[…]

Can music played in beauty parlour display therapeutic action?

Hey! Scented candles, a soft couch and high-quality cosmetics are just a few factors increasing the comfort a beauty salon may offer. Is there anything else to add? Naturally, let’s not forget about music. Calming down, relaxing and deaden sounds don’t only favour creating cosy atmosphere but also aid in carrying beauty rituals and are an inseparable element of many kinds of therapies. Find out[…]