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Face Firming with Nanoil Collagen Face Serum

Does anyone here need skin firming treatments? Have any of you spotted first face lines and want to smoothen them as soon as possible? Or is your skin mature and you seek the most terrific wrinkle-reduction product? I’ve got a solution for all of you – a brilliant, advanced serum with a good dose of collagen from Nanoil. Let’s plump the faces up!

rejuvenating collagen serum

Nanoil collagen face serum

As far as application goes this is a standard serum that should be put on clean skin after a toner and – it’s necessary – before face cream which keeps essential nutrients inside the skin, not letting them slip away. I love the components in Nanoil’s serum, and also the bigger bottle than most serums – it’s 50 ml, not just 30. The price is shockingly low for such a size and ingredients. I always choose beauty items which have nice design – this one looks very fancy and has a lovely wooden dropper. The dark glass bottle secures the serum from oxidation.

How I use my Nanoil Collagen Serum

Because my skin’s no longer young and I’ve got many signs of aging, I figured applying the serum twice a day would be best: in the morning before a day cream, and at bedtime, before a softening, antiaging argan oil, also from Nanoil.

What are the star ingredients in Nanoil’s serum?

I’m fascinated by the serum, or by its ingredients, to be more precise. Hydrolyzed collagen is at the top of the ingredient list so we pay for a serum with a high content of collagen. The wonderful rejuvenating component is combined with extract from red algae which are most highly rated for skin revitalization and nourishment. They’re rich in iron, magnesium, bromine, potassium, sulfur, selenium, vitamin A, C, E and vitamins B. Algae are added to skin care products to promote skin repair, inhibit oxidation, and deeply nourish and beautify the skin.

What does Nanoil Collagen Face Serum do?

anti-skin fatigue collagen serum

It made my skin much better within just a few days! It used to be extremely dry and prone to irritations or sometimes even burning sensation but the serum brings wonderful relief and a long-awaited moisturizing effect. It also has a nice texture and is skin-friendly. Though I’m big on oils and thick products and this serum isn’t such, I love it for sinking in fast and working where it should be working – in deep layers of skin.

After using the serum for four weeks, my face skin got plumper, tighter and softer. After the next four weeks it got even firmer while lines around the eyes faded! Naturally, I know that the changes and the time they take differ for different skins but I’d read many reviews of Nanoil Collagen Serum and I know that sooner or later each of you will be happy with the results and the new skin! I highly recommend checking the official store at www.nanoil.co.uk and buying the superb serum to enjoy youthful, glowing skin.

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