Don’t break down! What are the best remedies for brittle nails?

Nails have no easy life… We keep exposing them to damage. They are threatened by more things than merely mechanical damage. Why do nails break? How to keep nails and cuticles healthy? Don’t break down! Read on to see my ways of keeping hands, nails and cuticles in shape.

What causes nail breakage?

We are often aware that the reason why our nails break is lack of nail care or caring for nails… all wrong. Still, this is just a drop in the bucket: there are plenty of factors that make nails worse:

  • genetic susceptibility.
  • weather conditions (heat, humidity, freezing weather, dry air).
  • diet low in zinc, iron, silicon, vitamins B.
  • not delivering enough moisture to hands and nails.
  • unsuitable nail file, wrong filing technique.
  • acetone-based nail polish removers.
  • soaking nails in water too long.
  • detergents and chemicals.

My ways of getting pretty nails

Top foods for healthy nails

Daily menu affects our skin, hair and nails. If I spot my nails are getting worse, it’s a sign that my diet lacks products rich in zinc and iron – they have a positive effect on nails as well as hair and skin. Other essentials include vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B9 as well as magnesium, phosphorus and manganese.

That is why you should eat sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, poppy and dried fruit. On the other hand, cereals, eggs and legumes make up a rich source of vitamins B while cocoa abounds in magnesium and iron. You should also eat lean meat, fatty fish and of course – I know you’ve already heard that thousand of times – drink at least half liter of water per day. Nettle and horsetail teas also have amazing benefits for nails, plus they improve the condition of hair.

Manicure for the prettiest nails ever

Does manicure cause damage to nails? It does if it’s done incorrectly so remember to follow these rules:

  • never oversoak nails in water
  • file the nails in one direction to avoid splitting
  • always use a suitable nail file – either glass or paper
  • ALWAYS apply a conditioner before a nail polish
  • use strengthening, conditioning and nourishing nail products regularly

The best products for healthy, strong, lovely nails

A healthy diet isn’t enough. What cosmetics to use for keeping nails smooth and pretty? Oils and moisturizing creams, ideally in small tubes that you can always have close at hand. Natural oils that greatly enhance my nails are my favorites. Of course you can buy a readymade nail care oil (some of them look very charming having three layers or pieces of flowers) but, believe me, an ordinary cold-pressed oil is more than enough. Jojoba is my top choice.

Creams designed for nail and cuticle care make a very good pick too. They often have a form of oils. Avon cream is my favorite – it makes nails stronger while dry cuticles are… gone!

Protective gloves for healthy nails and hands

Gloves shield your hands and nails from the destructive effect of external factors – use latex gloves to protect them against detergents and remember to wear gloves in winter to keep them safe from freezing weather. You will see your nails change for the better. I started to put on gloves for dishwashing and my hands got much better-looking ever since.

How to care for nail cuticles?

Apart from nails, the cuticles also affect the appearance of your hands. How to keep them in shape? Oil and cuticle cream make a perfect duo for me, plus I use a trick after showering – I rub the cuticles with a towel to keep them from growing.

What about you, how do you keep your nails and cuticles healthy? Please let me know! 🙂

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