Nanobrow set of two brow powders with highlighter

A way to beautiful effortless eyebrows – makeup with Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit!

In order for your arches to look nice, you do not have to go for permanent makeup. All you need is a little bit of experience for your everyday makeup not to take longer than just a few minutes. Take care of your hair by using various oils and serums, find out the right eyebrow shape for yourself and see how to do your eyebrow makeup with powders – easily and quickly 🙂

I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit which is the perfect option if you’re just a beginner in brow styling. It’s also a great option for makeup enthusiasts who simply like to test new cosmetic releases. So, if you’re looking for good eyebrow powders and don’t want to be disappointed or spend a lot on a product that just doesn’t work, keep on reading! 🙂

Brow powders – how to choose them wisely?

The choice of eyebrow shadow depends mainly on hair colour and skin tone. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right product:

  • Choose shades most similar to your hair colour or a little lighter.
  • If your skin is fair, choose cool-toned shades, for example light grey or light brown. In the case of darker skin, warm-toned powders will probably be a better match, for example brown or coppery.
  • Eyebrow powders can come in a variety of finishes, but matte or slightly satin looks best. Shiny products might end up looking exaggerated or cartoonish.
  • Remember that choosing brow powders is an individual matter and that it depends on your preferences and style. It’s recommended to test a couple of products and choose the best one before making the purchase.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit – the perfect powder set for every day

The palette includes two soft, creamy powders that can be blended and combined with each other for a stunning effect. Intense pigments result in deep and rich colours. The palette also contains a satin highlighter with a neutral colour that matches both cool-toned and warm-toned skin. When applied under the brow bone, it enhances brow makeup and lifts eyebrows optically. You can find here a sponge and a mini-brush with a slanted tip for filling eyebrows and adding extra hairs. The packaging is equipped with a small compartment for a brush. Importantly, the powders are extremely long-wear, efficient, do not crumble of fall off during application. They create a beautiful natural ombre effect or darker, bolder and heavier makeup.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit

What do I like the most about it?

➜ intense, deep shades (cool and warm)
➜ rich pigments and efficiency
➜ several-hour makeup performance
➜ a versatile highlighter that doesn’t have to be used for eyebrows only
➜ a flat, slanted brush
➜ matte finish
➜ affordable price and professional quality
➜ a compact packaging that you can take anywhere you travel to
➜ a composition enriched with an aloe vera extract, avocado oil and vitamin E

How to do brow makeup with powders – a quick and simple way

Now I’m going to show you how I use Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit – step by step:

Brow makeup with powders

1) Start by combing your eyebrows – it’s best to use a little brush (one designed for brow styling or one from a used-up mascara or gel).
2) Dab a small amount of the darker shade onto a brush – use a slanted brush, it comes with the set 🙂 – define the brow contour starting from the bottom lines.
3) Use a darker shade to fill in bigger gaps and patches and on the brow tails.
4) Take a lighter colour and fill in the rest of your brows with it. Keep in mind that the inner parts should only be accentuated slightly in order to avoid an exaggerated effect and to maintain a natural look.
5) It’s good practice to get rid of the excess product and blend the colours with a clean spoolie.
6) In the end, use a gel or a mascara to fix your makeup and a highlighter to brighten the area under the brow bone.

What do you think about this eyebrow makeup?

I also wanted to add that the kit is available at where you can get more info 🙂

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